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Virtus Health is a leading provider of ABA therapy and specialized services for those affected by Autism (ASD) or other developmental delays and behavioral diagnoses.  Virtus' Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA's) design custom independent treatment plans which are provided on an exclusive one-on-one basis to achieve individual goals and maximize long-term results.

An autistic child being assited by a Virtus Healthcare Therapist



A child experiencing Applied Behavior Analysis

APPLIED Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Virtus uses proven principles to assess and understand behaviors in order to teach each individual to maximize function, independence, and success.

An autistic child looking through a magnifying glass


As a primary focus, Virtus specializes in providing 1:1 ABA therapy to address each child's unique behavioral challenges related to Autism (ASD).

A Down Syndrome child playing with a toy

Virtus provides individualized 1:1 therapy and offers specialized

services focused on those affected

by Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome Therapy

An autistic  child learning Social Skills Development

Virtus specializes in helping children of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels learn to communicate and interact more effectively with others.

Social Skills Development

A Virtus Healthcare therapist assiting a child with his academics

Virtus provides services in school, academic support, and curriculum assistance for children to reach their full academic potential.


A Virtus Therapist talking to a parent of an Autistic child.

Virtus helps parents learn to assist with the development of their children and overcome behavioral challenges in the home and within the family.



We recognize that every child and family's situation is unique. That's why we provide services for clients in the convenience and safety of their own homes. Virtus serves the individualized scheduling, health, and training needs of every family.

Care in-Home

Our centers provide an environment specifically to support the individual behavioral development of each child. Conveniently located, our full day centers provide 1:1 care during work or school hours as well as after care programs.

Care in-center

ABA Academy

Face Autism

Easter Seals

Beyond the Spectrum



Florida Autism Center

Beyond the Spectrum

Family Tree

My Autism


Positive Behavioral Services

Positive Behavior Supports

Want to be a part of a dynamic team focused on excellence, quality service, and the highest ethical standards with a career path for growth and development? Virtus provides all of that with industry-leading pay, insurance, vacation, and other benefits.

Careers at virtus

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[ˈver  tis]  .  noun


A Latin word meaning Valor, Excellence, Courage, Character, and Worth.

A Virtus Healthcare educational pillar of Value


A Virtus Healthcare educational pillar of Valor


A Virtus Healthcare educational pillar of Victory


our three foundational pillars

Every child has infinite value.  Overcoming challenges takes great valor.  Together, we will achieve lasting victory!

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