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Virtus Services

Virtus offers a full spectrum of ABA and other therapy services to patients of all ages and needs, including:

Behavior Analysis

Virtus uses proven principles to replace problem behaviors with appropriate behaviors to maximize social, behavioral and emotional functioning.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

As a primary focus, Virtus specializes in treating social, communication, physical, and behavior challenges related to Autism.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Virtus provides therapy, support, and rehabilitation opportunities for patients and their families suffering from effects of brain injuries.

Down Syndrome Therapy

Virtus creates individual patient plans, including self-care and physical therapy, focused on those affected by Down's Syndrome.

Fragile X/ADHD/ODD

Virtus' therapy specifically helps reduce and eliminate behavior issues and aids in learning skills for those affected by Fragile X, ADHD, and ODD.

Crisis Intervention

Virtus assists those involved with crisis situations and teaches a variety of self-management, appropriate intervention skills to manage high-risk behaviors.

Vocational Therapy

Virtus helps patients overcome impairments or health disabilities to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment and useful occupation.

Social Skill Development

Virtus specializes in helping people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels learn to communicate and interact more effectively with others.

Academic Development

Virtus treats individuals with learning differences to engage in activities that teach processing, focusing, memory skills, to improve academically.