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Patient Testimonials

ABH - Finally the help we needed!


"Trying to find the right help and resources for your child with autism is not easy. My family has been so lucky to have ABH and their team of therapists to help us.  My daughter has been working with ABH's BCBA, Ms. Reid, and her team for over 3 years. My daughter was just 2 years old when we began working with her. She was non verbal and very easily upset over the tiniest of things. Everyday life was very difficult and made even worse when I personally didn't know how to help my own child. We had been working with some other therapists in the area for a few months with little to no progress. The techniques and approaches did not "fit" my daughter.

From our first appointment with Ms. Reid, I knew things were going to change for the better. She actually listened to my family's concerns and opinions about what my daughter needed. She provided effective techniques and altered them To meet my daughters personal needs. After only a few sessions I began to see progress, real, true progress. My daughter would actually look forward to her sessions, something we had not been able to accomplish with other therapists. Her tantrums began to become few and far between and her speech and social skills took off. My daughter was finally given the help she needed to begin communicating and expressing her own thoughts, needs, wants and dislikes.

Over the past three years, My daughter has improved so much, she is now on grade level for academics, speech and social skills. I know I can attribute this to her sessions and work with Ms. Reid and the ABH team. Ms. Reid has given her techniques and tools for remaining calm and reacting to triggers. This has made not only my daughters life better but, my entire families. We are able to go places and do activities that I had initially written off because of her ASD diagnosis. My once non verbal child now communicates with not only her family but, her peers.


When you choose ABH for your child's therapy needs, you are not just getting a therapist, you are going to gain an extended family, people who genuinely care and want your child to succeed in every way imaginable. It is so important as a parent to feel that you are being heard and that your child is more than just a "patient". This team of therapists want my child to succeed and surpass her goals and overcome any and all obstacles she may face. I can honestly say the without the care my child has received from ABH, she would not be where she is today. I will never be able to thank them enough for all the help they have provided for her. They help us navigate the many ups and downs that my daughter experiences, even when she is not in session.  I know whenever a new issue or concern for my daughter arises, I am able to reach out to the therapy team and have these issues addressed during our next session. You truly gain a team of people that you can depend on for help. Their knowledge of therapies and local resources to help your child are life changing."

- Heather Sturgeon


ABH has given us a chance at an independent future!


"What does ABH mean to our family?  I get that a lot.  To begin to answer that,

I’d have to tell you the story of my little girl’s beginning. She was born a beautiful

9 lb.-14 oz. baby girl and things were typical, or so we thought. Fast forward about

2 years and we began to realize something wasn't right. Physically, she could do

for herself (like climbing, getting things she wanted or needed), but she would get

into a lot of trouble because the things she would go after weren’t things she was

allowed to have.


We experienced endless days of chasing her off the counters and the furniture

because she didn’t know safe boundaries. It wasn’t that she just simply didn’t

know them. We began to figure out she couldn’t understand them. We went

through endless bounds of safety concerns. She would bolt away from us and

we also figured out she was nonverbal. To us at the time it didn’t make sense.

We wanted to start her in school and see where she would go with it. We put her in school early, where they had therapy (Speech and OT) and we did that for about a year. During that time, something didn’t seem right. We couldn’t put our finger on it and then someone suggested outside therapies. We followed it and got her enrolled in all outside therapies which is how we found ABH.

Having been with ABH therapy for almost three years now has meant the world to us. I can’t tell you enough of what ABH has done for our family.  Ms. Reid and her team have given us a daughter who is potty trained and out of diapers (a day I thought would never come) through the ability to teach her about using the bathroom. The ABH team has given us a daughter who we can now be kept safe! ABH has taught us as parents to stay calm during trying times and has given us to tools to pull Jenna and yourself out of the melt downs and the behaviors. ABH has given us techniques to teach Jenna when we’re outside of our appointments and in our environment.

I do feel that having ABH Therapy has been the biggest part of why we are where we are today. I do not feel that my daughter would be able to function without our relationship through ABH with Ms. Reid and her therapists.  They have given us a chance at an independent future due to the work they have done with our family and Jenna. Most of all (and I will forever be grateful to them for this) they gave me a moment. It came when one day I was sitting in our play room with Jenna by ourselves, and in a moment of what I suppose was clarity for Jenna, she unprompted turned to me and said “Mommy, I love you”. That was a heart-pounding, time-stopping moment that I never thought would be possible but it was!  It was all made possible by ABH! Thanks to ABH, Ms. Reid and her therapists and the work they have done."


- Ashli Munt

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