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Below are some apps that we suggest but are not affiliated with Vitus. We recommend checking them out as they are designed to help assist in the development of your child. If you have any suggestions of other apps that have helped you, please feel free to reach out and let us know what you recommend as well!

emotional regulation


PRICE: $2.99

Daniel Tiger and his friends present excellent examples for kids who are just learning healthy emotional expression. Their songs and activities help kids express, recognize, understand emotions.


PRICE: $1.99

This app helps kids identify emotions, recognize body language. It bridges the gap between feeling or witnessing emotions and using words to describe them.



PRICE: in-app purchases

Endless Reader teaches children the words most important in learning to develop reading skills. The use of colorful monsters and fun sounds to keep users entertained and engaged are integrated throughout the app.


PRICE: free

This is a well-designed tool for targeted foundational skills practice. It supports specific learning needs by using adaptable activities with multiple themes and engages students with focused interests.


PRICE: $249.99

Proloquo2Go is a fully customizable language development app that allows communication through the use of pictures. It is designed to be used by those who are nonverbal as well as their caretakers.


PRICE: free trial

QuestionIT presents "wh-" questions in concrete ways for kids with language delays. It provides a low-pressure, solid approach to teaching question words and concepts. Data reports can be emailed from this app.


PRICE: $18.99

Pictello is a great way for kids to create stories with their own pictures and videos that can help them find their unique voice. It is good for kids who need the prompts to increase comprehension.



PRICE: $14.99

This useful multisensory tool teaches children self-direction and follow-through. It engages kids with visual supports to help them independently following a schedule. And it works on any iDevice!


PRICE: free

Manage and conceptualize time with great visuals! This is a decent option for visual timer needs and is sufficiently customizable. Save and reuse timers with names, colors, alert options and more.


PRICE: $9.99

This empowering calendar tool helps to alleviate transition anxiety. It is a day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month calendar. There are several customizable features which make this app a great investment.


PRICE: $7.99

The activities featured in this app are expert-approved and nurture students' social skills. It's a treasure chest of social-skill-building activities created by speech and language pros that are worth the price.


PRICE: $19.99

Themed scripts help kids practice successful social exchanges. The app is designed to help elementary-aged children learn how to have multi-exchange conversations with their peers in a variety of social settings.


PRICE: $29.99

With this app, kids are able to create multimedia stories, schedules, and memories that will develop their social skills. Kids can upload their own photos, record their own voices, and design stories. Try it for free here.


PRICE: in-app purchases

This app provides fabulous multimedia lessons that aid in boosting social-awareness skills. 81 compelling webisodes, as well as pre and post-assessments, etc. help kids learn to cope with real-life situations.

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